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Green May Industrial Mfg. Co., Ltd. 維美工業股份有限公司

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Today is 24,Mar,2019
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(Double) European-Style Bed GM12D
(Double) European-Style Bed  GM12D(Double) European-Style Bed  GM12D(Double) European-Style Bed  GM12D
(Double) European-Style Bed  GM12D Enlarge image
Products: Hits: 421(Double) European-Style Bed GM12D 
Brand: Green May
Price: Negotiable
Min. Order: 25 SET
Total Quantity: 800 SET
Delivery: 40 days after payment
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated: 2019-02-22 17:16
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1. German OKIN Motors and control Box are quiet and safe.
2.  Add vibration massage function included new wireless remote controllersw.
3. With or without Bluetooth function matching different wireless remote controllers.
2. The materials of mechanisms and interior frame are steels. 
3. Outer frame and headboard are wood and leather stitching.
4. Frame Size: 206×188×41 (cm).
5. Cable/ Wireless Remote controllers is optional.  
6. Incrementally micro-adjustable support . 
7. Anti-pinch device.  
8. Auto-shutoff upon overload.  
9. Safety auto-reset after blackout.
10. It is able to lift the head section to 85 degrees and feet section to 35 degrees. 
------------------- Options ----------------------------------------------------------------------
1. Mattress
2. Cable control is available
3. Adding vibration massage function that has to choice wireless controller
4. With or without the function of bluetooth which match different wireless remote controller